The TYM test... a new cognitive test comprising of 10 tasks

The TYM is presented on 2 sides of a single sheet of soft card. Most people take about 5 minutes to complete the TYM. The test can be completed with minimal supervision. The maximum score is 50/50.

The average TYM score for normal individuals is 47/50  up until the age of 70 years and then there is a small decline.

It has a large number of features which greatly improve the diagnosis and management of patients with Dementia. See TYM test advantages.

The results of giving the TYM test to 139 patients with organic memory problems and 540 controls has been published in the BMJ –

The TYM test is available for doctors, nurses and other medical staff to down load free of charge for personal use. Please just follow the links above and fill in brief registration details.

There are also files to download which contain instructions on:

  • How to administer the TYM
  • How to score TYM sheets
  • How to interpret the TYM
  • Calculating and interpreting the TYM index

Future Projects

There are many new TYM projects which are underway:

  • The TYM is being given to many other patients with neurological diseases including dementia with Lewy Bodies, Parkinson’s disease, MS and Frontotemporal dementia.
  • Many different language forms of the TYM are being developed including French, American, German, Danish, Spanish, Italian and Greek versions
  • The use of the TYM in other patient groups and other clinical scenarios such as older patients prior to surgery is being examined
Download the TYM test
The TYM test is available in .PDF format. Simply click the button below to request your copy.

Note: Free adobe PDF reader required (available here)
TYM test advantages
1. Quick
2. Creates a permanent record of cognitive ability
3. Uses 10 cognitive tasks
4. Validated against the MMSE and Addenbrooke's Cognitive Examination
5. Powerful in detecting mild Alzheimer's disease