TYM-MCI a new test for patients with very mild memory problems

The TYM-MCI is a new cognitive test designed with a single purpose: to detect mild Alzheimer's disease and amnestic mild cognitive impairment. It has a similar format to the TYM test but is administered by a health professional. It is a difficult test and should only be used in patients who have performed well on another short cognitive test such as the TYM test or ACE-111.

It is a very useful test to detect mild Alzheimer's disease/amnestic MCI. It is the only short cognitive test which tests recall of recently acquired visual and verbal information. In our validation study patients with mild Alzheimer's disease/amnestic MCI scored an average of 6.7/30 on the TYM-MCI compared to 20.4/30 for controls.

It is now available to download free of charge from this website.

The TYM-MCI should only be used by health professionals and is not for self-testing.

You can download the following pdf documents:

  • The TYM-MCI
  • Administering the TYM-MCI
  • Scoring the TYM-MCI

You can also view 3 videos via these links to help you:


Original TYM validation

1. Brown J.M., Pengas G.; Dawson K.; Brown L.A.;Clatworthy P. Self administered cognitive screening test (TYM) for detection of Alzheimer's disease: cross sectional study. BMJ2009,338,b2030.

Using the TYM in Non-Alzheimer dementias

2. Brown J.; Wiggins J.; Lansdall C.J. et al. Test Your Memory: diagnostic evaluation of patients with non-Alzheimer dementias. J Neurol2019https://doi.org/10.1007/soo45-019-09447-1.

Validation of the TYM-MCI

3. Brown J.; Wiggins J.; Dong H. et al. The hard Test Your Memory. Evaluation of a short cognitive test to detect mild Alzheimer's disease and amnestic mild cognitive impairment. Int J GeriatrPsychaitry2014,29,272-280.

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Download the TYM test
The TYM test is available in .PDF format. Simply click the button below to request your copy.

Note: Free adobe PDF reader required (available here)
TYM test advantages
1. Quick
2. Creates a permanent record of cognitive ability
3. Uses 10 cognitive tasks
4. Validated against the MMSE and Addenbrooke's Cognitive Examination
5. Powerful in detecting mild Alzheimer's disease